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A DUI’s impact on careers

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Criminal Defense

A routine traffic stop for a moving violation on a Missouri road might result in someone facing DUI charges. The accused may face significant financial, personal, and professional challenges as a result of being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A DUI’s job impact

Some professionals must maintain a clean driving record to remain employed or be hired. Anyone working as a commercial driver might suffer far-reaching consequences after a DUI. These individuals may range from full-time commercial truck drivers to persons relying on side income from rideshare work. A DUI may disqualify them from these jobs.

Even those in professions outside of driving-related ones may run into trouble. Many would-be employers run background checks on prospective employees. If the search reveals a DUI arrest, the person may face disqualification from consideration. Official arrest and conviction records are not the only concerning sources. Mentions on websites, blogs and other online sources might undermine a jobseeker’s chances.

Employers could develop unfair impressions about someone who made a one-time mistake. Others might fear the application represents a liability risk. Current employees may lose their jobs over such concerns. So, fighting DUI charges might be in someone’s best interest.

DUI charges

Although an arrest could prove harmful to someone’s career, dismissing charges or a not-guilty verdict might mitigate some problems. Defendants should realize that not all arrests for DUI offenses lead to convictions. Sometimes, police misconduct, including the lack of probable cause for a traffic stop, may undermine the charges. A criminal defense approach could point out any wrongdoing.

Improper breathalyzer calibrations and officer errors may further erode a prosecutor’s case. These and other issues, such as false positives, might make a difference in court.